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About Us


Mission Statement

Our mission is to positively impact the development of youth in our community by providing soccer and life-enriching opportunities to young players of all ages and playing abilities, to create a lifelong passion for the sport of soccer, and to help raise the level of soccer in our community. We strive to play an active role in the leadership, development and personal growth of our players and staff by being an active member of our community through service, partnerships and programs. Our ultimate goal as a club is to encourage, inspire and empower each player and coach to be able to reach the highest level possible within the game and in life, while helping create leaders and individuals that will inspire others to do the same.


OFSC promotes good sportsmanship by players, coaches and spectators. We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner. We ask that you show support for OFSC teams but do not cheer against opponents. Profanity, racial or sexist comments, or other intimidating actions directed at players, officials, coaches or team representatives is never acceptable and will not be tolerated by OFSC. Also, the consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages at any site of competition is prohibited.


Respect everyone. Respect the rules of the game.  Respect your coaches.  Respect your teammates.  Respect your opponent. Be thoughtful and considerate. In our diversity we will build solidarity in our community.

OFSC adheres to the Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer Code of Conduct and Ethics. These documents and other such policies and guidelines can be found on the Governance page of our website. 

Fair Play

Play hard.  Play fair.  Observe the laws of the game.  Win with humility.  Accept defeat with dignity.  Enjoy the game.